Software for Ozone Spectrophotometers


Total Ozone and UV Radiation Monitoring Software

Welcome to the website of the software for total ozone and UV radiation monitoring. This site was created for users of the Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometers to download free software. The software was originally developed by Martin Stanek at the Solar and Ozone Observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

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Brewer Spectrophotometer
Brewer operating software v4.10 for Linux updated 6.5.2024 DosBoxMB6 for Linux x86-64-bit instalation
O3Brewer version 7.2, updated 28.11.2023 O3Brewer for Windows x64 description
UVBrewer version 6.4, updated 1.2.2021 UVBrewer for Windows x64 description
O3BUmkehr version 4.0, updated 27.11.2023 O3BUmkehr for Windows x64 description

Dobson Spectrophotometer
O3Dobson updated 17.1.2024 O3Dobson for Windows x64 description
O3DRec version 2.0, updated 17.1.2024 O3DRec for Windows x64
O3DPoly version 2.0, updated 17.1.2024 O3DPoly for Windows x64
O3DGeoms version 1.1, updated 29.10.2018 O3DGeoms for Windows x64 description

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