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Total Ozone and UV Radiation Monitoring Software


O3Dobson is the software for reduction of total ozone observations with the Dobson spectrophotometer. The program is designed to keep correct calibration level of the Dobson spectrophotometer. In case of the changes of ETC constants or wavelengths settings (for example due to the change of measuring place with the different altitude), the software can reset proper values based on standard and mercury lamp tests results. The last program version (8.0) apply ozone absorption cross-sections from Serdyuchenko et al., (SG16).

As part of O3Dobson package there is a software for calculation of coefficients of zenith polynomials "O3Dpoly" and software for recalculation of data files "O3Drec" and software to apply new absorption coefficients to old data files "DobsonIUP". O3Dobson.pdf

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